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Due to privacy and confidentiality policies, Creative Order does not list individual or company names unless permission is given by the client. Instead, we usually list initials and cities. References are available upon request prior to the start of your organizing project.

"With one small child at home and a baby on the way, I was in desperate need of some serious organizational help. Like most moms, I could never seem to find the time I needed to clean out our closets and tidy up my office, and it was driving me crazy. Those pregnancy-related "nesting" instincts didn't help, either, as they created a sense of urgency that I simply couldn't ignore.

That's when Suellen Germani came to my rescue and I can't thank her enough. My husband thanks her, too, because I was a whole new woman after we finished organizing 6 closets in our home! It's truly amazing the amount of stress disorganization causes -- and you might not even realize that it's the cause.  

I would encourage anyone with even the smallest organizational project to give Suellen a call and let her show you how much better your day-to-day life can be with just a little organization. She makes it so easy and there isn't a single bit of pressure to dispose of anything to which you're attached (even if it's for the seemingly silliest reason, like much of my stuff!). She didn't question my choices at all and set right about the task of helping me to sort and organize everything.

She made excellent recommendations regarding storage solutions and the different places I could purchase them. And she even came prepared with a label maker and all of the supplies we needed to make the job simple and much quicker than I ever expected. Of course, now it's up to me to maintain the order she helped me to create, but now that Suellen has gotten me started, that no longer seems like a difficult task. Thanks so much, Suellen, for bringing some much needed Creative Order to our lives!!"

- E.D., Atlanta, GA      

“Suellen Germani was our professional organizer and helped us tremendously with the organization of various aspects of our home. She came in with a specific methodology, first determining what our goals and concerns were then implementing the plan in an expedited, professional manner.   Suellen kept us on track in achieving an organized household by keeping us focused with results-oriented tasks, tips and tricks, containers she recommended, and homework assignments. Her brief time with us had a significant impact for how we organize and manage our household now. We would highly recommend Suellen Germani for your professional organization needs.”

- Jack and Stephanie Warner, Atlanta, GA

"My business grew very fast, and I had not had time to organize for the future growth. Also, my house suffered from our busy schedule. Suellen was able to organize and teach us some tricks of the trade to keep areas organized.  I must admit, I think we will need her on a permanent maintenance plan!"

- C.K., Decatur, GA

"I LOVE Lara and Creative Order!!!  I was a little skeptical at first about hiring an organizer...but after the first session, I was hooked.  Lara helped me go through all the bags and bags of stuff from our move and found a place for everything we needed.  Whatever was left, hit the trash or charity.  She brought peace, tranquility, and order back into our lives.  Thank you!"

-A.F., Atlanta, GA


"Thank you, Suellen!  If I hadn't taken the plunge and called you to help, I wouldn't have tackled this project.  You not only helped me but, more importantly, you showed me that I could do it and how to maintain it."    

-Mike Higginbotham, Marietta, GA

“ I knew she would be good—but I had no idea HOW good. Suellen’s ideas for organizing all the paper coming into our house and work (and the paper that wants to hang around us) was totally useful. Her presentation was clear, visual, and workable. Suellen is so fun to listen to and relate to. She is passionate about her subject and understands that you need to be patient and give people hope that they, too, can have order in their home and work environments. I’m starting this week to implement some of her ideas.”

- Cheryl McIntosh, Lilburn, GA

“Awesome session! Thank you! I loved the suggestion of establishing or figuring out the clutter tolerance level of each family member before getting started.”

- Sharon Strom, Lawrenceville, GA

“You use humor to make your point, which helps keep it interesting.”

- Bonnie Smolinski, Snellville, GA

“I thought, for a short talk, you were able to cover a multitude of subjects with excellent suggestions and ideas. I want to do many of these things, and your suggestions helped me break it down and know where and how to start.”

- Susie McMillan, Stone Mountain, GA

“ Absolutely wonderful presentation!  Thank you, thank you.  Your handout on Improving Productivity was very detailed. ”

- Mary Williams, Monroe, GA

“ Great presentation!  It was very motivating, especially since I consider my office a scary spot. ”

- Ellen Morris, Monroe, GA

“My favorite idea in your presentation was your ORDER system of organizing.  I have so much stuff to get sorted.  I now have an idea of how to do it.”

- Sheila Paige, Decatur, GA

“ I thought I was organized, but your presentation helped me understand ways I can be even MORE effective. ”

- Jennifer Kambies, Mableton, GA


"Thanks for all your help!  I kept walking in and out of the bedroom just because I could now get around the bed and back!  And my mom was thrilled when I sent her photos of my organized room."

- C.P., Decatur, GA



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