Suellen Germani conducts lively, informative organizing and productivity presentations that teach attendees how to better reach their personal, professional, and financial potential. Each of the presentations listed below can be condensed into a one-hour presentation or expanded into two-three hours of training.

Below are some example clips from one of Suellen's speaking engagements. Click on the links to view each clip.

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“Create Order: 5 Simple Steps to Conquering Clutter and Finally Getting Organized”

Suellen Germani will walk you through the 5 simple steps of her “Create Order” organizing system. With these new skills and techniques under your belt, you can begin to effectively conquer the clutter in your office, closets, kitchen, car, garage, or any other space where more order is needed.


“Time Management: Making Your Schedule Work for You”

Learn time-management skills that will enable you to more effectively manage all of the activities you have to juggle. Issues such as procrastination, prioritization, and effective scheduling are addressed in this useful presentation. We will also explore several different tools and tips that can be immediately put into place to help you manage time more productively.


“Paper Management: Controlling Paper Chaos”

This practical presentation reveals helpful processes for dealing with your existing paper piles and reviews techniques to prevent new piles from developing. Along the way, you will learn how to create an effective filing system, how to use paper as a prioritization tool, and how to eliminate as much paper from your life as possible.


“Harness the Power of Improved Productivity”

Instructor Suellen Germani walks you through a step-by-step system for clearing clutter, managing tasks and priorities, and freeing your mind for greater pursuits. Best of all, the system does not require special calendars, binders, or refills. It can be implemented with tools as basic as a spiral notebook and index cards or as high-tech as a computer and PDA. Attendees will leave with practical ideas and techniques for immediately improving their productivity and focus.


“7 Secrets for an Organized Closet and Wardrobe”

Learn the secrets that Professional Organizers use to transform closet catastrophes into wardrobe wonderlands. We will discuss tips for paring down, sorting, and taking care of one of your biggest investments: your clothing and accessories. We will also look at ways to manage your wardrobe during weight fluctuations and discuss the pros and cons of different closet systems available on the market today.


“Finding Balance and Harmony”

This motivating and inspirational presentation walks you through a thought-provoking process to help you find more balance and harmony in your life.  I will teach you how to define your goals and then create a plan to get you started on your journey toward achieving your dreams. You will learn the valuable goal-setting skills, techniques, and secrets that successful people have already mastered.


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