• Are you overwhelmed by clutter chaos and paper piles?
  • Could you be happier and more creative if you had more control over your time?
  • Would you feel more focused and calm if there was less stuff crammed into your home or office?
  • Do the tasks you spend time on and the people you spend time with support your values and goals?


“Stressed” and “Overwhelmed” shouldn’t be the first words you use to describe your life.

I’ve often heard my organizing and life coaching clients use these words when we first talk. But as soon as we begin working together, they start to feel a sense of control and hope. They quickly realize that most any challenge is manageable once it’s broken down into bite-sized chunks.

My name is Suellen Germani and my professional organizing and life coaching company, Creative Order, has been serving the Greater Atlanta metro area since 2005. We provide on site organizing to our clients in Atlanta and telephone coaching and consulting for our clients outside of Atlanta.

Our personal organizing coaches can teach you proven organizing techniques that will help you decrease your clutter while increasing the organization in your home and office.  We can also help you set up your schedule so that you are moving towards your goals instead of just keeping your head above water.

As members of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), my team and I abide by the NAPO Code of Ethics to ensure that all client information remains confidential.

With passion, humor, and patience, we love to help teach busy, creative people how to eliminate life's clutter and get better organized.

 You may be thinking, “I’ll bet my mess will be the worst mess they've ever seen.”

First, let me assure you that you don’t have to be embarrassed because we won’t judge you.  We understand the frustration and anxiety that disorganization can cause.

Realize that your situation will seem worse to you than to our organizers because of the emotions you have associated with your “stuff.” My hope is that we will ease your discomfort by implementing organizing plans that are unique to your needs and easy for you to maintain.

Take a deep breath, and imagine how much more calm and focused you will feel once you finally begin to GET YOUR LIFE IN ORDER.

Many people find that, by decreasing the clutter in their home or office, they can focus on improving other areas of their life such as their relationships, health, finances, and creative aspirations.  Through Creative Order Life Coaching, I can personally work with you to define your life's purpose, improve your work/life balance, and pursue your passions. Together we can plan the action steps that will get you where you want to be in life.

 Just think of the many ways your life might improve through better organization combined with the guidance and accountability of life coaching…

  • Reduced stress
  • More control over your schedule
  • Ability to focus and be more creative without the distractions clutter brings
  • A more harmonious home and work environment
  • A sense of freedom
  • Better self-esteem
  • Less guilt over things not done
  • Improved productivity leading to increased personal and professional growth
  • Activities and relationships that align with your unique values and aspirations
  • Clarity that comes with having a plan of action to reach your goals and dreams

Your journey towards a more organized and fulfilled life begins with the first step.

If you’re ready to get better organized, take the first step now and schedule a NO-COST “Discovery Assessment”. Together we will map out a path to put your life in order and your mind at ease.

For an idea of the investment you'll need to make to meet your organizing goals, here are the three packages offered by Creative Order.  During the no-cost Discovery Assessment, we'll get a better idea about which package best suits your needs:

  • Jump Start Package:  3 hours of organizing for $225 ($75/hr)
  • Chaos to Control Package:  6 hours of organizing for $420 ($70/hr)
  • Organizing Makeover:  9 hours of organizing for $585 ($65/hr)

As you can see, the more hours you invest in, the lower your hourly rate.  The hours can be split up over multiple sessions and are good for six months from the first session. After each package's hours are used up, additional hours may be purchased at the same hourly package rate as long as appointments continue to be scheduled.  

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